When visiting Amsterdam, Chinatown is a place that you must visit. Besides, the culture and sights, the Hong Kong style cuisine is also something drawing tourists to Chinatown. Hoi Tin Restaurant on the “Zeedijk” is the place to try out Hong Kong style food. Daily, hundreds of Custard pies and Honey pies are being sold.

Hoi Tin is a traditional Cantonese restaurant. With the oriental décor, one would feel like being in Southern China. With more than 100 seats, Hoi Tin is the perfect venue for a party or a nice gathering with the family. Hoi Tin has all the rice and noodle dishes one would expect of a traditional Chinese restaurant. Cha Sieuw, Soy Chicken and Peking Duck are dishes which we highly recommend. 000

Unique for Hoi Tin is the Hong Kong style Poon Choi. This dish is prepared with the utmost care and fresh ingredients, perfect for your family of your party to enjoy. This abundance of flavours and tastes, accompanied by a fragrant bowl of rice, makes this a unique culinary experience bringing people together.

Hoi Tin is established in 1975 and has developed into an iconic restaurant of the Amsterdam Chinatown. The restaurant is passed on from father to daughter and this is the start of a family tradition.

Hoi Tin is situated near the entrance of Chinatown, right next to the He Hua Temple. It is within walking distance from Dam Square, the infamous Red Light District and only a few minutes away from Amsterdam Central Station. We welcome you to come and try the taste of Chinatown.


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