Poon Choi is a traditional rural dish and originates from the New Territories of Hong Kong. It is a single pan dish, much like the Pot Au Feu in France.  The dish is a large mix of several dishes “Choi” all layered in a wooden bowl named “Poon”, hence the name Poon Choi.   Poon Choi is often eaten during the holidays or festivities. Despite its rural and farmer feel, the preparation of the dish is very complex. The dishes layered in the wooden bowl are braised, cooked, baked, fried and stewed. The ingredients are at least just as diverse as the ways of preparation. Ingredients include: chicken, duck, fish, oysters, tofu, turnip, pork, Chinese mushrooms and so on, more than ten different ingredients in total. The layers are sorted according to flavour, with the most intense and rich flavours in the bottom and the fresher and lighter flavours on the top. The guests gather around the bowl, go through the layers together and discovering new flavours with a nice cold beer or hot cup of tea.

Nowadays, the wooden bowl is replaced by stainless steel for practical reasons. In Hoi Tin we use a stone pot that we then put on a small table stove, enabling our guests to enjoy the warm steaming dish for even longer.  

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