Hong Kong-style pastries

The traditional Hong Kong-style pastry generally uses in the preparation. However, Hoi Tin uses vegetable oils instead of animal’s fat.

Besides making pastries according to the traditional recipes, Hoi Tin is constantly developing new recipes and giving new experiences to the customers.

Pineapple bun

Pineapple bun is one of the most popular pastry in Hong Kong and you can find it everywhere in every bakery. It's called Pineapple bun not because it tastes like pineapple, but becauseof its golden butter pastry topping, just like a pineapple. While enjoying the softness of the bun, we are also able to savour the sinfully fragrant butter pastry.

Puff egg tart

You do not see the puff egg tart very often in the local stores. Nowadays, they usually make the shortcrust egg tart and it takes less time to make. Thanks to the history of Hoi Tin and the expertise we have, we are still making the puff egg tart in the traditional way.

Sweetheart cake

Sweetheart cake is originally from Chaozhou and it is extremely popular. People use it for the wedding as part of a dowry gift, hence the name Sweetheart cake (or wife cake). This pastry has a crispy outer layer and soft sweet filling. Youjust cannot get enough.

Sponge cake

This cake is usually served in the restaurant and café with acup of coffee or tea. This is one of the traditional pastries of the Hong Kong Cuisine. It is a sponge cake with intense flavour of egg pastry. You will definitely in love with thisfabulous taste.

Sesame donut with peanut paste

Sesame donut is a Cantonese-style fried donut with peanut paste inside. 





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